Programme Focus: Think Green

The problem

Environmental destruction is a critical challenge facing humanity. It affects every corner of the planet and every species that live on it. Though its effects are intensifying rapidly, we still have the time to escape its worst impacts and build a better future, provided we act fast and act right.

To create a sustainable future, we need to build a movement of passionate individuals from local communities, calling for environmental protection and acting against environmental problems.

The programme

In efforts of defending the natural habitat by identifying environmental abuse, championing responsible solutions and enabling local communities to advocate and act for change, Think Green was brought into being. The movement is inclusive and people-led. Because, when it comes to protecting the environment, empowerment goes both ways.

The process

  • To instil a sense of responsibility towards conserving nature in the local community, through people-led initiatives.
  • To bring about policy-level changes in the government, and to encourage corrective and preventive action for a greener environment.

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