Meet Mansi

Mansi is quick to smile, incredibly articulate and a great advocate for other children.   

She is one of Miracle Foundation’s 12 Youth Ambassadors, lending her voice to represent the millions of orphaned children living in institutions across the world.

In 2019, Mansi felt a ray of hope when Miracle Foundation started looking into cases where children could be reunited with their families. Would she finally get to be with her mother and sister after years of being apart?

Mansi and her sister had been in a Miracle mentored orphanage for 5 years. Their mother was a single parent and could only get seasonal work on agricultural farms. Though agonizing, she placed her daughters under the care of an orphanage with the hope that they would get an education and have a more secure future.

While the girls did well at their orphanage this small family never stopped yearning for a reunion.

The orphanage social worker made several intensive counseling visits to Mansi’s village, helping her mother access community and financial resources. With the help of her community and government support, she found the resources needed to take care of her daughters at home and ensure their education.

Mansi has been back with her mom and sister for 6 months. She is surrounded by the love and support of her family while still continuing her education, her hobbies and her work advocating for other kids as a Miracle Youth Ambassador.

Mansi’s journey is reflective of what many kids in orphanages want — a chance to be reunited with their families. And, Miracle is committed to helping them realize this dream whenever possible.

With support from dedicated partners, Miracle is able to create happy endings for children like Mansi and work towards their vision of  a family for every child.

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