Changing the World, One Miracle at a Time

Nine years ago, Daksh, a young boy from a rural village in India, was placed in an orphanage trained by Miracle Foundation. Daksh was only 8 years old when his single mother had to make the impossible decision of giving her child away to the orphanage. Why would any mother give her child away? The answer begins and ends at poverty: lack of resources and enough money to care for her child.

Danksh’s mother felt that giving her son away was the right decision. She thought doing so would help him get good food, education and medical care. Isn’t this what every parent wants for their child? Parents put their children’s needs before their own out of a beautiful, selfless love.

It is heart-wrenching for parents to give their children away. And it was tragic that, for all these years, Daksh had to grow up at the orphanage despite knowing that he had a mother who loved him immensely. While at the orphanage, Daksh always hoped to live with his mother, but feared that choosing to go home would mean he wouldn’t get enough support for his education.

Miracle Foundation have always believed that every child has the right to live with a family and that no child should grow up without one. That is why, last year, Miracle Foundation’s team worked with the orphanage, Daksh, and his mother to understand their concerns and needs. The team guided them on availing the government resources available to them in their local community. And guess what! With complete planning and preparation, Daksh was reunified with his mother at last.

As a result, today Daksh is very happy and excited to be back home with his mother. When asked what the best part about living with his mother is, he said, “I feel loved and happy. I feel fresh and active. I do understand my mother’s problems and challenges. I am learning how to live in the outside world.”

At Miracle Foundation, they know that family is the one true bond that can take over the world no matter what the challenges are.

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