Where There is Great Love, There is Always a Miracle

In 2010, Nakul lost both of his parents and was placed in an orphanage. While living in the orphanage, Nakul was usually cheerful and playful. He loved to play Tabla, an Indian drum. But he longed for a family… to belong.

Fortunately, before Nakul could give up hope for getting adopted, Nakul’s adoption paperwork came through! In February of 2017, Nakul was placed with a safe, loving adoptive family. A family he could call his own.

Since then, Miracle Foundation have regularly followed up with Nakul and his parents. Today, Nakul is happy and thriving. Every day when his father arrives home from work, Nakul runs to greet him with a big hug. Nakul’s favorite thing about being with a family is the special attention and love he gets from his parents.

Isn’t this what childhood is all about? At age 2 or 12, a child’s need for love and acceptance always remains the same. That’s why we support Miracle Foundation, as they work toward a world where every child has a family.

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